As a business owner or manager your list of responsibilities is long and ever-growing. It can be too easy and convenient to put off things which are out of sight…such as the maintenance of your electrical systems. Don’t make that mistake.

Electrical system failures as a result of poor maintenance can need expensive repairs and can cause irreparable damage. And let’s not forget the real risk to the safety and well-being of people.

Outlined below are important reasons why commercial electrical maintenance needs to be a priority for all Tallahassee businesses.

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Commercial Electrical Maintenance is One of the Most Costly Services Whether your business is a small office or one with hundreds of employees, the maintenance and repairs of electrical equipment and wiring are imperative to the continued operation and profitability of your business.

The cost to replace and repairing electrical system failures can be astronomical. Think about replacing a computer server, which in 2017, cost an estimated $1,200-1,500,000. These are usually only one or two megabits of data transfer per second, but it can easily take 10-15 megabits for a network traffic spike that doesn’t fail.

A replacement server can cost $1,500 -$2,500 – which means a cost of a million dollars for a single server.

An Electrician Repairing A Distribution Board


Electrical systems have an efficiency rating, (from one to ten) which means that the overall electrical system is working at a certain level. Anything below a four is considered to be inefficient and anything above a ten is considered to be a high performance system. If you live and work in Tallahassee your electrical efficiency rating should be a seven or higher.

Some of the most expensive problems to occur in a commercial property in Tallahassee are failures of the electrical system. You will find that these failures are very expensive to repair. Highly efficient systems are the most costly to repair and can easily top $5,000. This cost per defect can quickly add up. Do I really need a certified electrical inspector for each and every electrical system?


Electrical systems are engineered to function over a variety of conditions including atmospheric pressure, high-temperature and humidity levels, while sustaining current and voltage requirements. Too much or too little electricity, as well as improper construction and operation of the electrical systems can result in a host of problems.

They are also susceptible to environmental changes such as vibration, dust, mold and insects. So what happens if something goes wrong with your electrical system? If you have a building, you have electrical wiring on each floor, on each wall and over the ceiling. It’s imperative that you understand how these systems work, how they are protected, and how your buildings are wired. The DC systems consist of 40,000 volts and 60 amps per phase.

Electric failures can be fatal. Electrical failures account for about half of all electrical injuries suffered by children and about one-third of all electrical injuries suffered by adults. In addition to electrical burns, children and adults are severely injured or killed by overuse, overheating, overload, or fire in small circuits in an office or store. *Do electrical risks affect you personally?

From 7:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, the electric meter at your business or other commercial property is generally not the only system you have to be concerned about. All of the systems connected to that meter are critical. All commercial electrical systems can experience problems, including overuse, overheating, overload, and fire in small circuits.

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