7 Indicators you Should Call an Emergency Electrician

As far as global phenomenal discoveries go, nothing has had a more immense impact than electricity. While Benjamin Franklin is often credited with its discovery, the reality is that its use can be traced back to the Greeks, who experimented with it close to 2,000 years ago.

In the modern world, electricity can be used with almost everything imaginable. It has become so ingrained in our everyday lives, that it’s almost impossible to imagine a world without it.

For this reason, only a licensed Tallahassee Emergency Electrician should be allowed to perform an installation. Allowing a professional to handle installation is the surest way to eliminate electrical emergencies and unwanted cases of faulty wiring.

It also guarantees that a minor issue doesn’t result in emergency services being called in to quell the situation.

The following is a look at some of the indicators to look out for to know when you need to call emergency electrician Tallahassee.

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1. Dimming and Flickering Lights

Do your lights begin to dim, wane, or flicker when you attempt to use multiple power outlets? You don’t need to look further than this to realize that thelectrical emergency system in your residence has an issue. Often, the wiring in the residence will begin to degrade over time. Add this to the presence of pests, and you now understand what could be damaging your electrical outlets. Regardless of the underlying issue, it’s best to have a professional come in and assess the wiring.

In some situations, all that’s needed to guarantee electrical safety is an upgrade of the existing wiring. Certain appliances will consume more energy compared to others. The situation becomes even more problematic when they don’t have dedicated circuit breakers. This is what causes the lights to dim. Here, all you need to do is to have a commercial contractor add a new line to service them.


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2. The Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

Any experienced Tallahassee electrical contractor will tell you that the breaker is among the most essential components of a home or office electrical system. It’s designed to track the circuit and immediately shut it down when it becomes overloaded. As such, its goal is to check the power systems for complications, and ensure the appliances in your home don’t get damaged.

Typically, a breaker ought to trip whenever too many high voltage appliances are connected at once. But then again, if the breaker box keeps tripping, it could mean there is a more serious issue, hence the need to call aemergency electrician.

3. Burning Smell from Electrical Cords

When an outlet starts to overheat, it often begins producing a burning smell. In extreme cases, it may even become discoloured or appear burnt. Whenever you notice brown marks or a smell emanating from the switches or sockets, you should proceed to switch off your power supply. Once switched off, unplug all the connected appliances, and then call an emergency electrician.


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4. Sparking

It’s not uncommon to see a tiny spark coming from an outlet after connecting an appliance. While this may be deemed normal, there are instances where the sparks may become abnormal, more so when the wiring isn’t done properly, or when the power line becomes overloaded.

Abnormal sparks are those that:

  • Have a yellow or white color as opposed to the normal blue color
  • Take more than a few seconds before going off
  • Are easily noticeable due to their large size.

5. Call Emergency Electrician if You Hear Humming & Buzzing

Traditionally, electrical safety guidelines stipulate there’s a problem in your home if the breaker box begins to produce a humming or buzzing sound. Considering that its main purpose is to safeguard the residence from unwanted electric surges if it gets destroyed, it means you and your family are at risk.

Taking this into account, it means you should take all buzzes and hums with the seriousness they deserve. You shouldn’t hesitate to call an emergency electrician to come and take a look at the source of the sounds.

6. The Age of the Tallahassee Property

Did you know that it’s recommended to upgrade existing electrical installations every few years? It’s particularly important for properties older than twenty years.

Such residences are likely to have decaying or antiquated wiring that may result in an electric shock if proper precautions aren’t observed.

The best thing you can do to protect your family and your investment is to call a contractor whenever you need the lines in an aged property replaced.

7. You have no power but your neighbors do

We know, this one seems obvious. But in these black-out situations it’s very important you let an expert diagnose and fix the problem instead of trying to DYI-it. Oftentimes major blackouts like this are the cause of major problems.

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