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Nothing is more disappointing and inconvenient than having dim lights in your office and at home.

Leave it to one of the experts at Tallahassee Electrician Co – a top favorite light installation in Tallahassee, Florida! 

Quality lights are a good investment. But after some time, their performance may decline. They may start to flicker, which can cause eye strain and reduce your overall productivity. It is time to have them replaced, and we got you covered. 

As a sought-after industry leader, we specialize in individualized light installation in Tallahassee, Florida. Every client is different, so we are committed to delivering high-quality, safe, and personalized services.

Electrician Fixing The Wiring In A Light Fixture

We are backed by the best electricians in the city with vast and in-depth experience in the industry. Serving Tallahassee for many years now, we have completed thousands of projects for both residential and commercial clients. 

From wiring a light fixture to installing a light switch, our electricians have perfected their craft. Whatever the size of your project, we can get the job done right the first time without too many interruptions. 

A malfunctioning lighting unit requires immediate action. So, you might be tempted to have it fixed yourself. But nothing can beat the quality services of an expert. At Tallahassee Electrician Co, we take pride in our advanced and professional-grade equipment. We have wire strippers, insulated screwdrivers, pliers, hacksaws, cable cutters, spanners, voltage tester, and hex keys, to name a few. 

Before we send a team directly to clients, we make sure every piece of equipment is in perfect condition to complete the project according to your schedules and without too many interruptions. 

Fast job completion has also been our reputation since day one. We understand how exhausting it is to wait for a lighting fixture installation to be finished. We conduct a thorough inspection right away, fix the light wiring, and replace the lighting system. There is no long waiting time. 


Client’s Safety is a Priority

​More than high-end technology, we follow the best practices in any electrical job. We consider every aspect of the process. We do not take shortcuts. We work to perfection from start to finish.

We Only Use Materials that are Up to Par

From 2012 to 2016, electrical failures were among the leading causes of a home fire in the US, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). What causes an electrical failure? Using substandard materials is the one to blame. Here at Tallahassee Electrician Co, we are proud to say that we only use the highest quality materials, from wires to bulbs. We also aim for the client’s safety.

Quality and Competitive Rate are in One Package

You can enjoy personalized light installation without causing you a fortune. You can avoid constant repair, maintenance, and replacement while saving some cash over time. 

24/7 Emergency Installation

Our experienced technicians are available 24/7. We install, fix, replace, and maintain your lighting and wiring systems according to your schedule.

A Variety of Electrical Service

Apart from installation, we have expertise in electrical maintenance and AC repair/replacement, making us a one-stop specialist for homeowners and business owners in Tallahassee. 
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