When hiring electricians in Tallahassee light installation costs an average of $80 per hour, but the price varies depending on the type of light used. Those that choose down lighting will be charged about $50 per hour, and those who choose outdoor lighting will be charged approximately $80 per hour.

​The credibility and expertise at Tallahassee Electrician Co. installing the lights is another aspect that affects the cost to install lighting. At Tallahassee Electrician Co. you will get value for money and you won’t have to ask questions like ‘How much do electricians charge to install lights?’

You will get value for money and you won’t have to ask questions like ‘How much does a residential electrician charge for work?’

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Electrician Install Lighting Cost Influenced by Various Factors

Form Of Light Bulb

The expense is primarily dictated by the efficiency of the bulb that is used. The price of a bulb is determined by the components used, the lifetime, and the amount of energy it absorbs.

  • LEDs: Due to the device’s high quality, the cost of installing lighting can be increased when using LED lights. LED lamps have a longer lifetime and consume less electricity than incandescent lights, but they are more costly.
  • Incandescent: For those who want to keep their lighting installation costs down here in Tallahassee, incandescent lamps are the most cost-effective choice. They can become more expensive to use over time as they consume more electricity.
  • Halogen: Halogen lamps, like incandescent ones, are less costly to buy but more expensive to operate over time. As compared to LED lamps, which are considered to be more cost-effective, halogen lights cost 20 times more each year to run.
  • CFLs: Like LED lamps, CFL lights are less costly to obtain, but they have a shorter lifetime.

Lighting Design

  • Ambient lighting is calming and provides a wet but not heavily lit atmosphere. It’s often used under shelves, in hallways with tread lamps, and in bathrooms under vanities.
  • Task – lighting is suitable for use in workplaces or other work settings.

  • Accent illumination adds to the expense of exterior lighting, which can be used to draw attention to individual elements such as trees or architectural details. Accent illumination is often used in the interior environment to call attention to unique features, such as artwork.

Light Fixture Design

  • Indoor: lighting installation cost is determined by the indoor environment scale and the form of lighting used.
  • Outdoor lighting requires accent lights intended to draw attention to trees or other elements on the building’s exterior. Floodlights may also be used to increase security—the cost of installing outdoor flood lights ranges from $75 to $150 per lamp.
  • Installation: Because of the labor involved, the price is influenced by the difficulty of assembling the lighting and the job scale

Installation Of Indoor Lighting

  • Downlight Installation: The total cost of downlight installation in Tallahassee varies depending on the number of downlights and the job’s difficulty. Downlights and installation usually cost between $40 and $75 per lamp.
  • Recessed Lighting – The cost of installing open lighting ranges from $100 to $200. The cost of wiring the lights will range from $70 to $150 per lamp.
  • Pendant lights: Traditionally used in kitchens, pendant lights can cost anything between $60 and $85 per pendant.
  • Chandeliers: The cost of constructing a chandelier in a house varies from $100 to $400.
  • Bathroom: How much does it cost to put up light fixture in the bathroom?

  • High Bay LED Lighting Costs – The cost of high bay LED lighting will range between $75 to $150 per lamp.

Installation Of Exterior Lighting

The price of outdoor lighting is determined by the number of lights that are mounted. Customers should expect to pay anywhere from $100 and $1,000 for their purchase. The final price will be determined by the property’s scale and the number of lights that must be mounted.

  • Spotlights: professional electricians at  Tallahassee Electrician Co. can mount spotlights for $10 to $20 per bulb.
  • Floodlights: Floodlights cost $75-$150 each to mount and take around an hour to complete.
  • Garden lights vary in price from $30 to $100 per lamp, not counting labor costs of $60-$90 per hour.

When an electrician at Tallahassee Electrician Co. installs phase lamps, the price varies from $100 to $200.

  • Bollard lights range in price from $30 to $150 per light, based on the complexity of the wiring for each piece.


Light repair is an essential aspect of lighting system management because it involves replacing lights when they flame out. Replacing traditional incandescent fixtures with LED lighting is one way to prevent lamp burnout.

Modern LED lamps have a long life span and use very little energy. Other lamp origins have varying levels of output over their lifetime.

Experienced electricians at Tallahassee Electrician Co. will assess the entire repair schedule and ensure that the constructed fixture performs thoroughly. Through our electricians in Tallahassee, Tallahassee Electrician Co. will help you receive free quotes.

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