What Does a Residential Electrician Do?

Also known as home electricians, residential electricians are the people who repair and install various electrical systems and specialize in working in locations throughout Tallahassee that are classified as being residential such as single family homes, apartment complexes, motels, condominiums etc.
We at Tallahassee Electrician Co. inspect, install, repair, and maintain critical electrical systems throughout the house. We are professionals who are responsible for ensuring that electrical systems in your specific household run smoothly and without problems. 
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Residential Electrician vs. Commercial Electrician

The main difference between commercial and residential electricians is where they work. The former focuses on stores, offices, and warehouses whereas the latter are trained to handle problems in a less populated setting such as houses and apartments.
In Texas, residential electricians typically work with electrical systems containing no more than 240 volts of electricity which is the normal voltage used by home appliances like ovens, vacuums, and washing machines while commercial electricians deal with machines of a higher voltage of up to 480.

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Qualifications of a Tallahassee Electrician

Our team at Tallahassee Electrician Co. undergoes all the requirements needed to become a licensed electrician. To be called a Residential Electrician, you can get started in the industry by being hired through an apprenticeship program that usually takes four years to complete ending with getting an apprenticeship certificate. Then, you work as an apprentice until you accumulate 4,000 – 12,000 hours of work experience to become either a Residential Wireman, a Journeyman Electrician, or a Master Electrician.

After that electricians will have to keep up with the requirements of the industry by renewing licenses and attending seminars to refresh and gain new information in order to keep up with the advances in technology. Rest assured that our team also complies with the license renewal requirements of Texas and regularly attends these seminars.

What are the duties of a Residential Electrician?

​The duties of a Tallahassee residential electrician can be broken down to three main parts. First is installation and preparation. Our team can help you get your home ready for all your electrical needs by helping you choose what electrical appliances to get and by inspecting your wirings and outlets and making sure that they are supplying the correct amount of voltage so that your appliances don’t get fried.

The second duty is repairs and maintenance. Replacing light fixtures and fan blades, fixing security systems, coming in regularly to check if things are in working condition. We can help to ensure your safety in your home.

The last duty is to respond to emergency situations such as power outages. Although these situations are few and far between, when they do happen, you can count on us at Tallahassee Electrician Co. to respond in a timely manner and get to the bottom of the problem and find the solution.

Do you have any of these common home electrical problemsThe Tallahassee Electrician Company has made a list of problems that you may be able to fix yourself, followed by a list that you should never be doing it yourself.

​Whether you are looking for a qualified person to assist you in your home wiring job or you are just interested in knowing more about the subject, hiring a licensed residential electrician would be the best choice to ensure the safety of your home.

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